Turn Dailiness into Time with God


Labor Day marks the transition from summer to fall.  You have already been back in school for a week or two but now the real dailiness of life begins again.  Already, it is tempting to go back to summer. It takes doggedness to live a routine life.

As the semester takes you deeper into the routine, you will move from test to test, from idea to idea, and distraction to distraction.The routine that was meant to focus our minds soon limits our ability to move forward because our battery runs low, leaving us disconnected from the true things that matter.

The way through the dullness of routine is to turn dailiness into time with God.  Waiting at a bus stop, cleaning, studying, paying bills, eating.  These things can become a gift of time to dream, to pause, to remember.

Notice the beauty of the world. Look at the stranger next to you.  Pay attention to the thoughts and passions that are bubbling up inside of you.  Observe those who have and those who don’t.

Only then can the chaos, the distractions and the burdens of the daily be countered by the “Spirit within us, in whom we live and move and have our being”. As our minds are focused on God, purpose, meaning and energy carries us forward.


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