Stylish Faith

By Jordan Connell

Some LCMers had a discussion recently about different learning styles and how they relate to one’s faith.  We spoke, specifically, of kinesthetic learners, which got me thinking about the olympics, which got me thinking about the Jamaican bobsled team, which got the song from Cool Runnings stuck in my head.  But don’t worry, I’ll bring it back around now.  

I find the idea of differing learning styles related to faith and worship particularly interesting.  I’ve always felt that there are many different ways to have a relationship with God, and I’ve yet to find one that is better than any other.  Each individual has a different style of learning, or multiple styles of learning.  How can one individual’s method of viewing the world be the “right” one for anyone, except themselves?  Until I’ve explored as many faith styles as possible, I won’t even know which style is best for me, let alone have an opinion on what works best for anyone else.  I think each individual has to find their own way to connect to their faith, whether it be at the top of a mountain or the back pew of the sanctuary.   I suppose I’ll have to give up hope of connecting to God through a triple lutz or travelling down an icy slide at 80 mph, but maybe my sitting in front of the TV supporting people who can will be just as meaningful.

How do you connect to your faith?


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